Nando's Chicken - Metrotown

Metrotown is not my favorite place. It's really crowded, the lights are too bright, the music is too loud, and it's way too big. Sometimes though, you gotta go. A couple of weekends ago we ended up there to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, but, as we eventually learned, it wasn't even open yet. So we spent hours looking for work clothes for Shane instead.

Anyway, we had an entertainment book coupon for Nando's, so that's where we went for lunch. Of course, this wasn't at a sit-down restaurant, but at a food court. We both had the chicken breast with one side. I choose fries, while Shane had the chicken with coleslaw. It was a good deal with the coupon, but I did notice the prices being a little high for a food court. This was our first time at Nando's and we were impressed at the grilling that was going on.

The food was pretty good, especially comparing with the other fatty options available. The chicken was great, with a real grilled flavour and charcoal-y bits; the flesh was juicy as well. This was nice, because we don't have a grill at home and can't really replicate this. It could have had more sauce though, since I could hardly taste it. I like the lemon they included as well. This gave the chicken a brightness.

Coleslaw. I hate it. I have never met one I didn't like. It's so heavy, so mayonaise-y. Yuk. But Shane thought it was okay.

Which brings me to the fries...I ordered 'piri' fries, and I couldn't tell the difference, because it looked like regular fries. But holy cow, those fries were salty. It was as if they were drenched in salt or something, because it was so, so salty.

So all in all, it was a mixed experience. the chicken was good, but other stuff, not so much. I'd be curious to visit one of their sit-down restuarants though.

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  1. i haven't been to nando's in years but i remember it being good... pricy though, as u said.