Codfather's Fish & Chips

Codfather's. It's a pretty cute name, no? Despite the cute name, I'd never visited this place, even though it's in the same strip mall as our regular pet place, Bosley's, in Burquitlam Plaza. I suppose this is because fish and chips has never really been one of my favorite meals. Many people love it and all, but I don't get why.

The restuarant is small, with seats for about 30 guests, and filled to the brim with football scarves and knick knacks The colourful flags and scarves gave the place quite a cozy, lived-in quality. But probably the most interesting decor feature in the restaurant is this blue neon sign with a cute friendly fish on it.

We both got the same thing, the 2 piece cod and chips, which came with a dinner roll and coleslaw. The fish came in large golden pieces, and was very moist inside. The batter was quite thin and gave a crispy crust to the fish, but the batter seemed to fall off really easily as you cut into it. The chips were good, with a distinctive chewy crispness that was oddly pleasant and different. The tartar sauce went pretty well with everything, though there wasn't anything much to distinguish it. There were also the traditional white and malt vinegars on the table, which I preferred (although why do people dilute the vinegar? I don't quite get this. I always end up dredging the whole thing in vinegar because the flavour is too mild).

The parts I didn't quite like were the coleslaw, which doesn't say much because I just don't like it (as I mentioned in an earlier post, I've never met a mayo-based coleslaw I liked), and the dinner roll, which was soft and plain.

Overall, the meal was good. However, at $14.99, the meal was a tad pricey. The fish and chips was not something I was wowed by, since I'm not a big fan of fish and chips in general. However, it's a good place if you feel like fish and chips in Coquitlam. The restaurant seems to have quite the following.

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  1. looks like something i would enjoy completely. then again, i love fish and chips (and coleslaw)! yum.