Commercial Drive

Since the forecast was for clear skies, yesterday we took the skytrain to Commerical Drive. This area is a really vibrant area of Vancouver, with lots of Italian markets, cafes, and stores.

This is the mural that sort of marks the entry into the neighborhood. This particular mural is relatively recent, and I like its subdued, old-fashioned quality; it sort of reminds me a little of some of Edward Hopper's paintings of lonely, uninhabited towns.

One of the reasons we ventured into the Drive that day was to pay a visit to Fratelli, the Italian bakery. This time of year they make the best fruitcakes. I hated fruitcake when I was a kid, and am really not so fond of them now, but the version from Fratelli's is a divine creation. Each piece is moist, not cloyingly sweet, and chock-a-block full of quality dried fruit and nuts. So delicious. They are a little expensive--each small block 2 inches to 5 inches square is about $5. But damn, are they worth it.

Right next door to Fratelli's is La Grotta Del Formaggio, which has great sandwiches and lots of Italian products. We picked up some olives and Italian prosciutto. Also below is a stick of crusty bread from Fratelli's. That was last night's dinner.

I do like little boxes tied up with string.

Inside are 2 cannoli, which actually look more like cream horns to me. Inside is custard cream. This was really nice: crispy, flaky, and with a not-too-sweet filling.

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