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A Saturday or two ago, my mother-in-law visited us for the weekend. Being from Nanaimo, she asked about the Ikea here in Coquitlam—it turned out that the last time she was in Ikea was about 25 or 30 years ago, so of course we had to visit. I called my mom and so two mums and two children (Shane and myself) went off on a Sunday morning. The bright cobalt blue building was enormous and hard to miss.

It was all about the breakfast. We arrived around 10:30, and there was already a long line up for the food at the Ikea restaurant and cafe. So we waited. The place is cafeteria style, kind of like your typical school lunch room. The breakfast is a super deal there, with the basics of scrambled eggs, 2 sausages, and potatoes being only $1. Incredible. There were add ons as well, like 50 cents for 3 slices for razor thin bacon, $1 for 2 apple pancakes, garlic bread, etc. My plate was $2! It was amazing. And the food was not bad, actually pretty good. Okay, so the sausages were dry and salty and potatoes were dry, but the eggs were good, the bacon was decent, and the garlic toast hit the spot. I imagine that it definitely helped that the egg tray was replaced just before we were served.

It was really busy that day at Ikea. We ended up with these cute and colourful toy dishes that I couldn’t pass up (they can be used for dips, and cat food, people!), and Shane’s mum bought us a big bowl and a white serving dish. Very useful, as we don’t have nice serving dishes.

Ah, Ikea! Always an experience....

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