The Wonderful Art of Alex Gross

from Alex Gross' website

You know how sometimes you suddenly stumble upon an image that grabs you, that some how seems utterly familiar and fitting to you? And how suddenly you wonder how this artist has never been part of your life before? Well, this was what happened to me on Saturday.

We were browsing in one of Vancouver's excellent art book stores, Oscar's Art Books, and what did I see on the sale table, but the the most fascinating looking book, The Art of Alex Gross. I took a look through his paintings in the book, which are full of anachronisms, Japanese pop art, vintage images, and art history references. The faces were distant but full of feeling, and the colours reminded you both of commercial art and really old paintings. This guy's got skills.

The book was on sale, which is another bonus. It's quite a big, heavy book, so the only downside to purchasing it was having to lug it around all over Granville Island and Vancouver.

Don't you love it when you find an artist you like? It's like finding a soul mate or something.

For more about Alex Gross, visit his website here.


  1. neat! I've never been much into art, but this book looks like a great coffee table book and it looks intriguing.

  2. it's really wonderful. Plus, it's on sale right now at Oscars! An awesome deal--I got it for$12.99 (20% off sale price!)