Royal BC Museum

Before our holiday to the Island, all I wanted to see in Victoria was the Royal BC Museum. I hadn't been back since I was a little kid, and I had really fond memories of it. It's a huge museum, which 3 floors full of stuff--we have nothing to compare to it in Vancouver. It's also really interactive, with lots of dioramas and recreations of scenes from the past.

I've never visited NY's Museum of Natural History, but I was impressed and charmed by the BC Museum's natural history exhibit, which includes a replica of a wolly mammoth (with sound effects!). This bear looks remarkably alive.

The seaside scenes are wonderful, and full of light and water sound effects. It was almost like being at a beach....

Another part of the museum is the life-sized recreation of a 19th century town that you can walk through. This is a clothing shop, filled with really elegant clothes.

This kitchen scene was really lovely; it's as if someone were to step back in to the room at any moment---

Even though many of these exhibits are quite old (both Shane and I remember them from our childhoods), it was still fresh and wonderful to see again. Incidentally, the museum also has a wonderful First Nations exhibit, and frequent temporary exhibits.

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