Pretty Paper

Essence du Papier is a popular paper store in Canada, with locations mostly in Quebec and Ontario. A few years back, they opened a branch in the Sears department store at Pacific Centre in downtown Vancouver. I remember first visiting the store and being amazed at the amount of goodies they had: envelopes of all colours of the rainbow--little striped paper clips--wrapping paper so beautiful you could frame it on your wall. I have spent a pretty penny at this place over the years.

Alas, the Vancouver location will be no more. Which brings me to sad and happy news: everything is 50% off!

I paid a visit yesterday and got two thick notebooks: a red cloth bound one (is anything more wonderful than a red notebook?), and a most unusual one with a wood cover.

Plus, a couple of packages of my favourite G. Lalo Vierge de France envelopes, in cream and blue. These are made of beautifully thick paper that is lovely and nice to touch, and these envelopes are also neatly lined in white.

And yes, I do write letters...!

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