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On our first day in Victoria, Shane, his sister and her boyfriend,and his dad decided on a pub lunch. Shane's sister had been to the Irish Times before and was impressed by the food, so we decided to go there.

The pub is located right in the heart of downtown, on Government Street, in a large, white stone building. The facade was quite impressive. The interior is typical: lots of wood, booths and solid tables and chairs. Nothing feels particularly 'Irish' about the place, however.

The pub had an impressive selection of beer on tap, but at around $8, each pint is quite pricey. The menu has a sprinkling of 'Irish'/'British' fare, but it was mostly the usual burgers, sandwiches, pizza (!), and generic stuff.

For food, I chose the bangers and mash. This was very good. I wasn't in love with the type of sausage (it was a little too firm for me), but the meal was quite good. It varied from the traditional quite a bit, and the sausages were served with both a potato mash, and a yam mash, along with a sweet onion chutney, and corn and peas. I was impressed with all of the flavours, and liked how each bite was different. However, at $14.99, it was a tad overpriced.

Shane got the Irish Stew ($13.99). He enjoyed this. The stew had a distinctive lamb taste, but wasn't too overpowering. The dumplings were a doughy and delicious.

Everyone else seemed to enjoy their food. The pub has a good selection of beer, and the food is quite good. Don't expect anything too authentic, however.

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