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It was my sister-in-law's birthday and she invited a group of us out to the Keg out for dinner. Of course we'd been to the Keg (various locations) many times; as I recall, the chain didn't use to be such a fine dining aspirant as it is today. We went to the new Yaletown location, and it was pretty swanky. The place is huge, with high ceilings and a space that opens up to a second mezzanine level. There was lots of black wood, stone, and large windows.

For our starter, Sh and I shared the baked goat cheese with toasted bread and salsa (around $10). We order this dish every time we come here; the goat cheese is creamy and warm (the almond slices also add a nice nuttiness to the cheese), and the salsa is tangy and delicious. Plus, the tiny forks are quite cute. We like this dish quite a lot.

Both of us opted for the Keg classic dinner ($24.99). I opted for the sirloin dinner, while Shane got the prime rib dinner. The caesar salad, which came with the dinner, was a nice, generous size, though they really should do away with the dried parsley sprinkles all over the bowl. The salad itself was nothing to write home about. The dressing was bland, but was livened up by a squeeze or two of fresh lemon.

My steak arrived with a baked potato (fixins on the side) and sauteed veggies. The steak was cooked to a nice medium rare and was quite tender. The potato was a little dry, but the sour cream fixed that up. The vegetables tasted pretty good, especially the cute and tiny mushrooms.

Shane was less impressed with his prime rib--although the meat was tender and nicely cooked, his slice had a lot of fat on it. He opted for the garlic mash, which was smooth and pretty good.

We could hardly finish our plates, we were so full. That's the Keg. It would never be our first choice and it doesn't give you the most astounding food, but what the restaurant produces is pretty consistent, which is saying something. We always leave stuffed, which is also a good thing. The new digs is pretty rockin' too.

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