New Town Bakery

During my lunch hour I hopped on the #3 Main St. bus over to Chinatown. I had the unfortunate luck to sit on something wet--what it may be I don't even want to think about.

New Town Bakery on Pender Street is one of my favorite places--they have the best steamed pork buns and also the best apple tarts and egg tarts. It is certainly worth wet pants. This time I got 6 steamed pork buns, which were bought warm and fresh from the steamer. It was only dinner time that we got to eat it, and those buns were still pretty tasty. The inside is a sweet but savory pork filling, really delicious.

And dangerously addictive.

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  1. Have you seen (500) days of summer?
    I heard it's good and only two theatres are showing it. One is in Chinatown, so I hope I can try these good looking buns. :D

  2. No I haven't seen it yet, but I really want to. Hopefully we can get to Tinseltown to see it soon--but it's really hard when Shane works on the weekend....

    You should definitely try the buns, they are the best I've had.