Capilano Hike and Hatchery

View from Cleveland Dam (look how low the water is)

Life-sized models at the Hatchery

Fish and dirty glass no. 1

Fish and dirty glass no. 2

On Thursday I met a few friends from my ESL teacher days. We had planned to go for a long hike after work, but it was raining off and on all day, but we decided to proceed anyway. We took the seabus to North Vancouver from downtown, and drove to the Capilano area. Our first stop was the Salmon Hatchery. Now there had be talk that the salmon run was unusually low this year, so we weren’t expecting much. However, there were so many fish! We saw quite a few of them jump form one level to another.

The fish still looked healthy and silvery—some of the were enormous, some quite small. I’d visited the hatchery before, but never saw any fish, so it was so thrilling. After the fish we hiked for about an hour on the trails up to Cleveland Dam and back down. The forest is so quiet and beautiful when it’s not crowded! So from that perspective, the rain was quite a blessing.

After that we shared 5 appetizers at Taylor's Crossing, a brew pub in North Vancouver. The food was average, but for half price 'ladies night' appetizers, it was a great deal.

It was fun. Hanging out with these friends make me miss my teaching days...but not much!


  1. Wow, there are salmons. We passed by Bowen Island Salmon Hachery today and didn't take a close look as we thought there wouldn't be any. We should have.
    Did you know there is a good place to see salmons coming in our neighbourhood? It is on short trail besides Louheed highway and Gaglardi way. We saw quite a few fishes there last few years.

  2. amazing...I have no idea we could see salmon around here...I'll keep a look out for the fish!