Just as They Were, They are Now...

We have a cat named Pique. She is a little roly-poly and a sucker for anything food related. And sometimes I look at her and remember other cats I've had over the years and wonder about them. Of course, the thing is, we can never know what a cat is thinking.

But I found a few very old pictures of cats on this flickr group and this one, and I had to shake my head and smile. They are so charming.

I'm always fascinated by old pictures in general; these photos portray creatures and people that are long dead, yet there they are, in your hands, having a kind of life, as it were. And of course someday someone else will wonder the same thing about us.

I like these pictures and the others like them that are out there. It's incredible how cats are just cats, which is a bit tautological, but how true.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I had a warm and happy moment to see those. A bit sad, but still.