Meet Mr. Blue Bear

On the weekend I finished up my first real crochet project (that is, a non-scarf project): a stuffed bear designed by Camilla Engman, a Swedish artist/illustrator who does really whimsical work. She sells her art, illustrations and these charming creatures through the web. I first learned of this pattern through this talented blogger.

The pattern can be found in the great crochet instruction book, Stitch N’ Bitch’s The Happy Hooker. The pattern turned out to be quite simple, with the parts (head, ears, body and limbs) consisting of just slip stitched spirals. Mr. Blue Bear was made with a Red Heart’s Acrylic/wool blend and cotton, but I want to get some good yarn for the next creatures. I’m pretty pleased with the result.

He’s awfully cute.

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  1. omg, omg. So cute! I think I am starting to be interested in craft. (I never have been.)