Mairuru - Hand sewn

Mairuru is one of my favourite blogs to read on a regular basis. She’s a Japanese blogger who sews everything from little bags, to scarves, to little dolls by HAND. It seems that she sews incredibly fast, because she produces an awful lot (she even makes clothes by hand). Everything is cute, neat, and well-made. Japanese fabrics are so beautiful. Since I’ve put away my sewing machine, I haven’t done any sewing, but reading her blog is very inspiring. I have a hand-sewn project in mind already....

The blog is mostly a chronicle of her hand-sewn projects, but there are picture stories of her travels and pictures of her neighbourhood as well (there is a nice collection of pictures of cats on the streets of Japan). I also really like seeing everyday life from Japan—things seem very different there. I especially like to look at the food pictures. It’s fascinating!

She also has an etsy shop where you can buy some of her creations (photos in this entry are from there).

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