Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family is scattered all around Canada and overseas, so Thanksgiving dinner ended up just being Shane, my mom and me.

The turkey was missing a wing, so the turkey was a little out of balance during cooking. It was a small bird (this is post removal of one leg). But it was juicy and succulent!

Turkey Platter

For the sides, there was mashed potato, stuffing (from a box!), gravy, brussel sprouts with bacon and pecan, baked yam and sweet potato with butter and honey. Shane made the cranberry sauce, which is so easy and tastes so much better than the canned.

The plate

For dessert, I made "Super Apple Cake" It was really easy and filled with apples. Crunchy crust and soft apple layers. We had this with ice cream.

Hope everyone else has had a delicous weekend!

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