Cumpari's Gelato & Caffe

One night after dinner, we decided to pay a visit to Cumpari's, a gelato and dessert place. The building used to be the old Burger King, but this place opened a few years ago. Somehow it still feels like a Burger King place to me (ah, the memories), even though the interior has been transformed.

Cumpari's did have a great many flavours to choose from. We got a couple of small gelato cups ($3.75): pistachio, and hazelnut. Normally pistachio flavour is our test of a good gelato, and it's also one of our favorite flavours. Unfortunately, this version has very little nutty taste--it could have been any flavour, for all we knew. The hazelnut was a lot better, however, although I had a few old congealed milk bits on my tongue.

We also tried the cannoli. It was okay. The pastry was more chewy than crisp, and the ricotta filling was a tad heavy and dense. One good thing about it was that it wasn't too sweet.

We probably wouldn't come here again, but I guess for the area, Cumpari is an okay place if you're in the mood for gelato. It is definitely not in the same league as the ones in Vancouver, however.

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