Victoria Weekend

A week and a half ago, we went to Victoria for a literary event. We had a great time even though the weather was the proverbial 'Monkey's Birthday'.

We visited Miniature World, which is a place I dearly loved as a child. Even though I hadn't been back for over 20 years, the place was almost exactly the same. But I found myself attracted to the more historical/landscape scenes, rather than the doll houses.

Some of the models were pretty impressive.

Scenes from the Canadian countryside....

World War II airplanes....

We also took short walk in Beacon Hill Park. Although the park is right in the middle of the city, there was a feeling of wildness to it. So many beautiful wildflowers.

We stayed at the magnificent Magnolia Hotel. They upgraded us to a corner room on the top floor and the view was great. They had new robes which were incredibly plush and soft. I love hotel rooms.

Day / Night View from out the hotel window....
Reading corner

King-sized bed

We had a great weekend. Worth even the hours and hours of travel time.

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  1. The countryside scenes reminds me of the movie we recently watched at Pacific Cinematheque: A Town Called Panic. ( It was cute. Watch it if you have a chance. :)