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Pig BBQ Joint is literally a hole in the wall off View St. in Victoria, a small space with only a handful of seats. The decor is basic but pretty stylish, with a blackboard menu and a pretty cool sign. The restaurant claims to serve authentic Southern BBQ and smoked meat, so we were pretty curious to try it out on our last trip to Victoria.

First of all, we almost didn't go in because it was so dang small. To sit inside the restaurant you'd have to be up close and personal with the restaurant staff, and I didn't feel like doing much of that then. However, the smells of smoked pig drew us in.

First, we ordered the pulled pork sandwich, which, at a measly $5, was an amazing deal. Fitting with the theme of the restaurant, there were no plates, or baskets, or even paper--the food was served directly on their black plastic trays (however, the eco-friendly disposable wooden utensils were a nice touch). That weirdness aside, the sandwich was incredibly beautiful: a large soft bun stuffed to the hilt with meat topped by a red BBQ sauce. We weren't prepared for how good this tasted. The meat was the star--tender, incredibly well seasoned, and topped with a tangy and not too sweet sauce. The bun was soft and a great partner is absorbing all the meat juices. So, so good. The perfect sandwich. Ever.

We also ordered the special of the day, which was a rack of ribs with cornbread with thyme butter and beans ($13). This also came right on the tray, which was a little disconcerting. However the ribs were tender, flavorful, with a real deep to the bone smokiness. The sauce is amazing. The cornbread was a good, though a little dry (the sweet thyme butter is a nice touch). The beans were also tasty, with a medley of beans and vegetables to almost resemble a vegetarian chili.

However, the ribs paled in comparison to the pulled pork sandwich, even though it was great. It's like comparing a Vermeer painting to a work from a guy off the street or something. Or comparing heaven to purgatory. Or something like that. Utter perfection always makes everything else seem imperfect, no?

If you are ever in Victoria, this is a must visit. It is glorious meat. Don't bring your vegetarian friends here, of course. But this place would confirm your allegiance to the carnivorous side.

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  1. We love Pig BBQ Joint! It's pulled pork sandwich is the BEST.