It Makes Cleaning Fun!

Ok, I exaggerate. But it definitely makes it a pleasant experience. What is it? Why, Sapadilla cleaners, of course. They are all natural 'eco-cleaners' that are made from plant-based sources. If you live in BC like I do, these are readily available at Whole Foods/Capers, and Cookworks stores. They are made in BC to boot, and come in 2 delicous scents (I almost typed flavors here--it is VERY delicious smelling): Grapefruit+Bergamot, and Rosemary+Peppermint. My favorite is the one below, Rosemary+Peppermint All Purpose Cleaner. This stuff is very concentrated. I mix a tablespoon or two up in a spray bottle with water, and I'm ready to go. I use it for everything. But my favorite thing to use with this is to clean my laminate floors. I dilute with lots of water, and mop to my heart's content. Then I sit back on the couch and inhale. It leaves the whole apartment smelling clean, fresh and minty!

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