Acme Cafe

On one of our rare sunny days, I took Shane to Acme Cafe, which has been open for only a few months. Because I work nearby, I had been there 3 or 4 times before, but it was Shane's first visit. The look of the place is wonderful - it has a feel of a 1950's diner, but is distinctly modern in its colour, lines, and minimalist decor. There are booths, window bar seats, and a horseshoe-shaped counter top.

Shane ordered the Crock Pot Feature ($12.50), which that day consisted of a beef stew. This was served with a green salad and a bun. The stew looked lovely and hearty, with potatoes, carrots, and onion, and it was very filling. However, the meat was a little tough and the seasoning needed to be tweaked. It definitely could have done with more slow cooking. The bun was nondescript. The salad, on the other hand, was delightful: fresh, crisp, and with a nice balsamic dressing.

Having had sandwiches at the cafe previous times with mixed results, I opted for the Chicken Pot Pie ($12.50).  The pastry dome that covered the bowl was a sight to behold.  The crust was flaky and very fun to crack. However, the contents of the pot pie was a little less successful; the interior was more soupy than stew-like, and like the beef dish, this also benefited from a healthy shake of salt and pepper.

Having eyed the baked goods and desserts on our way to our table, we could not resist one of their fabulous pies. Apparently, each flavour is different everyday. On this particular day, one of the choices was a peanut butter pie.

The slice of pie, to put it simply, was a work of art.  The crust was delectably flaky, on top of which was a potent layer of crunchy peanut butter, a rich custard-like layer, and a creamy layer of sweetened whipped cream. This pie was heavenly, and very unusual, with a distinct peanut buttery sweetness.

Come to Acme, if only for the pie. Despite the average food, we would definitely return  - for the baked goods and dessert!

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  1. note to self: try this place for dessert!

  2. For a baker like you, Tia, you would like this place!