The Coquitlam Farmer's Market

I have lately become more aware of food systems and food security (especially through work). It is really important to support local growers, and with this in mind, we decided to get some groceries at the Coquitlam Farmer's Market today.

The market is located in the parking lots of the Coquitlam Recreation Centre, and continues until the end of October. There are a lot of produce growers, a few bakeries, a handful of meat sellers, and quite a number of crafts/arts stalls.

I am a huge fan of Gary's Kettlecorn. It is the best popcorn I've tasted: sweet, slightly salty, and most of all, tasting a lot like corn.

Here are our spoils: cauliflower, organic swiss chard and carrots, beats, heirloom tomatoes.


Green figs, cleverly stored in an egg carton. The inside is beautiful, almost like a pink sea anemone.


  1. Wow, you sure did get some great finds there!

  2. I love this farmer's market. I will have to try the kettle corn next week! :D

  3. Produce looks great -- we've been getting a bag of fresh produce from a local farm each week (and will thru October, i think). It's been a great way to learn about veggies we wouldn't normally eat. Looking forward to many tomatoes in tomorrow's bag...

  4. Yup, good veggies and fruits. But there are no lemons or limes. Not good for my sour tooth.