La Belle Patate

Sorry about my absence from the blogging world. Things have been a little crowded in my work and life! So bear in mind, the next few dining reviews are not going to be super current.

If some of you have read my reviews, you may know that I don't shy away from fatty foods, especially poutine, which is probably one of my favorite things to eat. There is something special about fries, cheese curds and especially gravy. It is one of my failings.
So one day we were in the West End to see a movie, we decided to pay La Belle Patate a visit. This place is relatively new, and specializes in poutine. They have other stuff like hot dogs too, but those things are more of an afterthought.

The interior is surprisingly pleasant and clean-looking. There were leather-esque booths and chairs, and mirrored walls that make the place look twice as large as it actually is. The menu is written on chalkboard right above the counter.

Not being too hungry, Shane decided to try the smoked meat poutine ($7.50), while I opted for the traditional version ($5.50). The food arrived very quickly. The portions were quite small, but given the richness of the dish, neither of us was complaining. To state it simply, La Belle Patate does a good poutine. The fries were decent, but the star was the cheese curds, which were squeaky and chewy and melty at some points. The gravy had the right amount of saltiness, and elevated this poutine from its competitors. I felt that the smoked meat could have been saltier, but Shane thought it had a nice balance. Perhaps I'm just a poutine traditionalist, after all. There is nothing more perfect than potato, cheese curds and gravy.

This place does do a 'beautiful potato' indeed.

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