Burnaby Stepping

It has been particularily nice and sunny here in the Vancouver area, and recently we took advantage of this by going for a long walk one morning.

Along the trails in Burnaby Lake park grow a whole lot of skunk cabbage. Despite the name, these plants don't smell too badly from a distance. The plant's yellow flowers are very beautiful.

The weather was lovely - sunny and not too warm. Even though we are quite close to the city, these paths make you think you're in a different place.

The lake is immense and still.

We are quite close to the road here, but it feels very peaceful.

This is a small bridge leading to the Burnaby Sports complex.

We ran into a lot of public art during our walk, like these two metal eagles near the playing fields.

And these vibrant mushrooms someone painted on to a concrete barrier just before the pedestrian overpass that leads to Lake City Way skytrain station.

Here is the nifty new pedestrian overpass. The skytrain station is on the other side.

Finally, the stain-glass like effect at the skytrain station. It's very unexpected and beautiful.


  1. nice! which s-train stn is that???

  2. hi Tia, it's Lake City Way on the millenium line!