Salt Spring Inn

While we were on Salt Spring Island, we dined at a couple of restuarants. We visited Salt Spring Inn in the early afternoon, just after our ferry arrived to the island. I'd wanted to go there because their breakfast/brunch menu looked great, but unfortunately we were a few minutes late for brunch, so we had to settle for lunch items.

We sat on the nice shady patio in front of the restaurant. It was really pleasant.

Shane ordered the Pender Island Porter, which is not available in stores. It's a tremendously dark beer (the server even warned us about it, saying not many people like this), but it was up Shane's alley. It was dark, rich, complex, but not too bitter. I even liked the first sip of this.

I didn't feel like anything heavy (kind of unsual), so I ordered the pear, candied pecan, cranberry and Salt Spring goat cheese salad. This was delicious. The pear was crisp and sweet, and went really well with the delicious and creamy local cheese. Normally I don't like sweet stuff on my salad, but even the pecans and cranberries went well with the lemon dressing. The dressing was fresh and lemony, without a hint of sweetness. It was great.

Shane ordered the Inn's version of the clubhouse, with chicken, bacon, tomato, and lettuce. I'm particular about clubhouses, and this didn't make it. Eventhough it's a lot of bread, I like the triple stacker, and classic turkey. Shane thought this was merely ok--there wasn't a lot of chicken, and it just tasted average. The fries were also just okay. They stuck together, and weren't that crispy--some fries were even soggy.

We had a bit of an adjustment at this restaurant. It's definitely island service here, on island time. It took them about 10 minutes to bring us water and the menus, and everything was super slow. But I hear this is typical of the restaurants here.

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