First Bento

One of my favorite recent discoveries are Bento Boxes for lunches. They are compact, cute, and a great way to save lunch money. It also provides a great method for portion control. Probably the best website out there is Just Bento, which has great tips about getting started, pictures of delicious bento boxes, and recipes. There is also a flickr group for bento boxed lunches.

This is my first bento lunch. It's brown rice with spinach cooked with sorrel on the bottom tier, and on the top tier there's baked tofu with sesame and blanched broccoli. I cooked the night before. Ther's something about eating and cooking healthy food--it makes you feel so good.

Oh yeh, I showed my co-worker's my bento box and I think I've converted them as well. They're planning to visit Daiso this weekend!

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